Watercolor ATCs



Now that I am trying to get back into my right brain and be creative, I am having difficulty figuring out what to do.  I decided to join a hand drawn or painted atc swap for Bible verses.  I much enjoy watercolor, so I pulled out my paints and papers.  I also used my watercolor pencils.  The pencils are a little harder for me to use, and I feel like I don’t get the detail I like with them.  I have never had any formal training on them, and I am not sure many people use them.  I did have fun playing with them and trying new things.  One thing I did notice was I used cheaper paper, and it was harder to get the paint to stay where I wanted it to.  The paint kept blending into each other, or evening out where the paper was wet. Where as the paper I had left over from college would absorb the paint/water with the amount of pressure applied.  But, I bought a whole packet of paper, so I must use it.  I will be on the lookout for a better quality paper, because it does make a difference!


What are some other tips you have for getting a quality image with watercolors?

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