Watercolor Tutorial Videos


I am so happy I was able to get out my watercolors again.  This time, I tuned into YouTube.com for some video tutorials on different watercolor techniques.  On the AtcsForAll.com forum, many artist are watching and trying the same techniques in these videos.  This is a great way to play, and learn with other artist.  All weekend long, people have been trying these videos out and posting their take on the techniques and asking questions on how to improve.  It’s kind of like a virtual class of sorts, except there is no teacher, just others with different experiences.  It is fun, and I am about to go watch another video!  I highly recommend joining a group of artist, either as a club, or virtually, if you want to improve and grow in your craft. 

Here is my favorite exercise I have tried:  Feathers!  These are ATC sized, so they are small.  But the idea is to trade them with others.

Here is the video link for this tutorial.


 feather 1feather2 photopam

The next one I tried was a “speed” painting, which is just a sped up video of the artist working.  There are no instructions, so you just have to watch and follow along.  It is fun trying to figure out what the artist is doing and try to mimic their handiwork.  This tutorial is already in the ATC size, so that was easier to scale.  Here is the video link for this onebloosumsphotopam

Grab some friends, and play a tutorial and try it out!  Or go online and find a virtual group.  It is fun!


What are some of your favorite video tutorials for watercolor?  Post them in the comments!  Don’t keep those gems to your self!  😉


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