In the wake of the fire



I have always been intrigued by fire, by what remains after its wake.  Slowly, the forest reawakens.  Slowly, the trees begin to grow.  Wildfires have raved areas of forests and of fields where I can watch the renewal of vegetation progress over time.  Quickly, the grasses grow, green than they had left.  Fire has energized the earth.  Fire brings death and it brings life; richer, fuller life.  A chance to begin anew.

To us, our dreams make us fly, give us freedom, help us live.  Sometimes our dreams are scorched, burned by flames unknown.  Though the death hurts for a time, and we must grieve; a time will begin for healing.  A new dream will emerge from the depths; more meaningful, fulfilling and purposeful than the last.   Move forward, through the pain, through the death, and see what is emerging.  We must not stay in the place of sadness, waiting for our pass dreams to reawaken.  Have the courage to find your feet, to find your voice to speak the story that has been given to you.





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