Stretches For Hikers:

20+ Stretches For Hikers to Avoid Soreness

You know the feeling: you needed a bit of a rest, some peace and quite, to get away for a little bit.  So you decide to travel out to your favorite trail for some nature, fresh air, and exercise.  But when you return to your car, or camp, you are feeling the stiffness, soreness, “Do I really have muscles there”?   So, how can this be avoided?  I consider myself to be a healthy adult, and I exercise, so why am I sore?  Did you warm up your body, or cool down and stretch out when you were done?  Nope.  There’s the problem!  I did not prepare my body properly.  Oops.  🙁  And if you are reading this, I am thinking that you might not have as well.  So, lets take care of our bodies and follow these guides to properly prepare ourselves for our hike!


20+ Stretches For Hikers to Avoid Soreness:
20+ Stretches For Hikers to Avoid Soreness : has a six step guide to preparing your legs for the long haul.

Here is a list of four before and after the hike stretches from has five great stretches that you can do in no time at all and help keep soreness away.

Seattle Backpacker Magazine has a post listing seven stretches to do as soon as you are finished with your hike.

If you are into Yoga, this post from has some yoga poses and other stretches you can do to help you prep for your trek.

Here is another one from Seattle Backpackers Magazine describing seven stretches to do at home to get your legs in shape for the rough terrain.


I hope these will help you feel better after your hike, and maybe they are a good excuse to take that someone along with you??  Now, hit the trails and don’t let soreness be an excuse any longer.  (Always seek professional medical advice before taking on any physical activity)


**All these just in time for the First Day Hike challenge for January 1, 2016!

Check out the American Hiking Society for more information and to find an event near you!

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So, where will you go hiking?

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