So I finally started a little blog.

I have been wanting to start a blog for some time now.  Just haven’t gotten to it yet.  So here it is, fresh and new.  I’ll share little things with you that you might find inspiring, insightful, helpful or just plain silly.  It’s a way for me to connect to the larger world out there and maybe make a little impact on someone’s life in a good way.  So much of my life is consumed with motherhood and managing the house, that I forget to stop and take time out for me.  I would run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, not knowing what to do with myself when I had a few minutes to spare, all to me.

So here is one solution to that, this little blog.  A place for me to share a little bit of me with you, and maybe by reading, you won’t be lonely, you’ll see you are not in this alone, that all us mothers feel similarly, and just want to feel, well, human.

Stop what you are doing right now, and take some time for you.  Read a book, paint, listen to your favorite song, or, write a little blog about nothing and everything all mixed up into a jumble of stuff that might prove interesting one day to someone.  😉



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