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Creating had always been apart of my life, but for so long, I did not take part in it.  I felt like I had no reason to.  I would doodle and paint here and there, but never with any real purpose or intent.  I always wanted to make something, but would get flustered and frustrated and give up.  I could not create just because.  I needed a reason.  It always helps when you have an intended audience who you would like to share with.  And this was part of my missing formula.

Then in steps this new hobby, letterboxing.  (You can read about one of my adventures here).  I quickly started digging into the social boards on Atlas Quest to learn what letterboxing was all about.  It was there, I discovered the Letterboxing Trading Cards.  They work much like the Artist Trading Cards, they are even the same size.  The difference is, they must be made with a hand carved stamp.  Intrigued, I joined a tracker, made a stamp and send in my cards, all 20 of them, all the same design.  It was a lot for my first one!  But I received back many different creations and ideas.  So I joined another one.  I now had a reason to create something!  Someone was waiting to see my trading cards, what I created.  I have since joined two more trackers, and have still to carve those stamps.  And seeing the other cards coming in, gives me new ideas for other projects.  My daughter has been interested in them as well, and we are even hosting our own tracker.  She is my creative one.  She’s one that create for the sheer pleasure of creating.  I envy her sometimes, but watching her is one of the reasons I missed creating so much.

Here are images of what I am currently working on:



Here are two cards I have finished:

Pammy Bear
Pammy Bear
Apple Pie
Apple Pie


Some of the cards I have received (used with permission):

Bobbing For Apples
Bobbing For Apples by LROSEM


This one is titled “Bobbing for Apples” by LROSEM.  Such detail and I loved her use of embossing powder to raise and smooth the water in the bucket.  And the back image is just amazing!  Such attention to detail.


Hay Ride by Moon Flower

I enjoyed Moon Flower’s use of thread for the reigns.  A clever addition I would have not thought of.


Mabon (Autumn Equinox) by Ninjahara

“Mabon” by Ninjahara is another example of the use of embossing powered to give the stamped image a raised look.  I like the almost hidden face in the stamped image.


Maze of Hay by Giraffe Herder

Giraffe Herder must have had a time carving this stamp with all the lines and a maze on top of that!  Reminds me of the mazes I enjoyed wandering as a child.

It was so much fun to create and see what other creatives are doing and coming up with!

More About Trading Cards:

I have found my themes/trades on   There are many people who love carving and creating these mini pieces of art that gather on the boards and tracker listings of Atlas Quest.  I am so happy I did find them!  If you are interested in carving stamps and making your cards, then please join us!  We would love to have you.


I have included a couple of links to get you started:

Artist Trading cards to Purchase:


Book on Artist Trading Cards:

Artist Trading Card Workshop: Create, Collect, Swap

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