Organization- Why is it so Hard?

Organization.  Does anyone else have trouble in this area?  Sometimes I feel like the only one.  I constantly feel overwhelmed by all that needs done, by all the stuff that is always all over the house, no matter how many times I pick it up.  I think, maybe getting organized is the answer, but how?  How do I organize and juggle everything that goes on in my family?  I recently watched part of a webinar by Leah Remillet about Building Balance.  It was just what I needed to hear.  She mentioned write down what you would like to see happen, such as cooking more, having time for lunch with friends among others.  Then she said to write down how those things are going to happen.  In her example, cooking more meant going to the grocery store more and meal planning, so she needed time to do that.  And this is where planning comes in.  Write it down.  Write down when you are going to the grocery store.  Write down when you are going to sit down to meal plan.  Write it all down.  I strongly believe that it is a practice.  It’s not something that is just going to start happening because you printed this or that To DO list.  It needs to become a habit.  And habits don’t always come easily.  This is why it is hard.  We don’t give ourselves permission to change.  We don’t take the time to make it a habit, we continue doing things the same way and staying on the same path.


Desire to change.  This is key, for without it, nothing will change.  And I am assuming that if you are reading this, you have a desire to change your habits.

So what do you what do you want to see happen?  Take a moment to write them down.  Keep this list to reference from time to time to remind yourself the importance of why you made these changes.


So how do you stay organized, keep schedules straight, and not go crazy?

Take a moment to sit down and plan out the week.  I do this Monday mornings.  Find a place and time that is consistent, so your planning materials are always there.  Consistency breeds consistency.  Also, if you have to step away and take care of a crying child, or answer the door, it’s always there.  And if you think of something later on that you forgot, you know where to find it.

Here are somethings to help you focus.  And yes, these are some of my take-aways from the webinar.  Most were reminders, but ones I hadn’t implemented yet.

Prioritize – What is the most important thing to focus on this week?  Schedule these first.

Schedule – Write it down!  Have a planner or a calendar handy so you don’t double book yourself. I have a calendar on the refrigerator that if something does not get written down, then it doesn’t happen.  This is the best thing I have ever done for myself, and ultimately my family.  It’s in a place I always look and it is right by the door where I leave.  I tried using my calendar app on my phone, but I would only look at it when I entered something.  I don’t like alarms so I never used that for reminders.  But I do know people who it works for.  Try different things/ways to find out what works best for you.  It’s okay, it doesn’t have to be right the first time.

Out Source – If you feel like you have too much to do and cannot get it all down, then take something off your plate.  Hire a landscaping service, a maid, order groceries online of available, etc.  It’s okay, you don’t have to do it all.

Other ideas- Write it Down!  *Keeping it in your head will only make you crazy.  This is known as the Brain Dump.  My head gets clogged with them constantly.  Having a morning brain dump where you can get everything out, all your ideas, things that need to get done, things you want to do, even vacation ideas; write it all down.  Then it’s there on paper, visual, and you don’t have to keep remembering it so you don’t forget to do it in some point in the future.  I have added a brain dump sheet I designed to help me get my ideas out of my head.  It helps with clarity and focus.  Feel free to down load and use it!  And if you find it useful, please share this post with a friend who might need it too.


Best advice is to give yourself permission to change, to try something new; so you can improve your life, your families lives and live a more purposeful life.

What do you do to stay organized, or what would you like to try?


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