Keeping One-on-One trades organized

Over on, I participated in an Art-a-Thon, a fun weekend of creating, posting our creations and trading them with others.  Each day had a different theme, and you were welcome to stay on theme, or create outside of that.  It was very interesting to see all the different ideas people came up with.  On top of that, there were trading and swapping going on, and it was difficult to keep up with.  That it, it was for me.  Others might be a little more on top of things than I am!  😉

Anyway, I came up with a simple solution to keeping up with cards created and traded, a paper worksheet.  This way, as I create my cards, I can list them on my page.  Then, if anyone wants to trade for it, I can add their name and address, along with any notes I might want to include about the trade.  I added a column for when cards are received, both from me and the person I am trading with.  There is another art-a-thon coming up soon, so I hope to put it to good use.  I might also use it for any other random cards I make and share on the site.

You can pick up the worksheet here free of charge. Just click on the image or the link below.  Enjoy!


One-on-One Trades Worksheet

One-on_one Worksheet


What are some ways you use to keep your trades organized?

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