A New Blog – A New Journey

I have often felt lost creatively.  I have been silent for many years, repressing many desires to create, resulting in repressed thoughts, feelings, and ideas because of feeling lost.  All this repression lead to a form of depression.  I felt my voice did not need to heard, that it was all meaningless, a waste of time.  Suffering through, wanting to create, but feeling worthless and idea-less, so I would not, could be make myself.

Then, through meetings of different people, I began to see this need to create is not just a thing, it is a part of who I am and who am I to repress it?  I started to try, to sit still and observe the world around me, let it inspire me, bring new ideas to light.  I started placing my feelings into these ideas and ideas for pieces that truly say something started forming.  Needless to say I was excited, I could create again, and this time with a message.  But finding time to do this is not easy.  I must plan, and that is something that does not come easy to me.  I also want to share my journey, let my awkward path inspire someone, bring hope in a darkened world.  I need accountability, a reason to keep struggling, to keep moving forward, to keep on my journey.  I started this blog to help me find my way, to give me something to do so I was not just sitting around.  So now I have a vision for it, to keep me motivated, to inspire and to ignite.

Join me on my journey and let’s inspire, encourage and bring hope to one another!

Do you have a blog about your journey?  Share it in the comments below so we can connect and realize we are not alone.

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