Historic Convoy and the Bankhead Highway


Tuesday, I was fortunate enough to witness the Military Vehicle Preservation Association’s Convoy that is retracing the original 1920 Transcontinental Motor Convoy route along the Bankhead Highway.  It began from Washington D.C. in September, and will end in San Diego, CA later this month.  I planted myself at the corner of 1187 and Bankhead Highway, the beginning of the longest stretch of road still going my it’s original name in Texas. It was quite a site to see for sure.  I have began a project documenting the Bankhead Highway through Parker County Texas as a fundraiser for the East Parker County Library.  More information on that coming!

The Bankhead Highway was the original route that was the first all weather road running from coast to coast. Much of it was paved with bricks.  It was the original mother road, until Route 80 and later Route 180 came and replaced much of it.  Now, the interstate system has overshadowed this historic route and it is all but forgotten to history.

For more information on the Convoy and the MVPA, visit: http://www.mvpa.org/


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  1. President Eisenhower was never in the slightest doubt that the Interstate System was one of the most important accomplishments of his two terms in office. And he always cited the 1919 convoy as one of the reasons he clearly grasped the importance of good roads.

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