Small Art – Grand Canyon Artist Trading Card

I accepted another challenge to carve a landscape for a printmaking project.  This is a 2.5″ x 3.5″ print, the largest carve I’ve done since starting my letterboxing craze.  The challenge comes for the forum and asks anyone willing to carve a landscape to make a print from.  I chose to carve an image of the Grand Canyon that I took this past summer.  but instead of printing it, tracing it with pencil and rubbing it on the paper; I chose to draw freehand from the image onto the carving material itself, thus lending to the handmade feel.


Small Art - Grand Canyon ATC


It was a fun challenge and I hesitated to begin a seemingly daunting task.  But in the end it proved to be a fun little exercise, and the prints I pulled off came out just fine.  I did, however, change my mind about how I wanted to carve a few lines, so I am unhappy about that, but overall I enjoy the image and that is what it’s all about.  🙂

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Since I do not have any printers ink, I used Rangers Archival instead, and inked up the stamp until it was juicy.

Small Art - Grand Canyon ATC
My ink I used


Small Art - Grand Canyon ATC
Inky Stamp

I then laid on the over-sized paper and used a book as a buffer to help keep the ink evening for printing.


Small Art - Grand Canyon ATC
Lay Paper on Top of Stamp

The prints were dry within seconds, and they came out beautifully if I do say so myself.


Grand Canyon ATC print -


If you would like to see other submissions to the swap, the host, Tyler Hannigan, has placed them on his website: SilverHawk Art Cards

For more information on letterboxing, see

I used the Speelball Speedy Carve material to create this stamp!


Have you tried any printmaking projects?  What are some tips you have?  Share in the comments!

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