Do Something that Makes You Happy

Not all is Lost
A Glimmer Of Hope



My first and foremost passion is photography.  I have taken a break from it for quite some time now.  I decided that I needed to get back into the art form of photography and my love of composting.  I hadn’t done much of composting since college and then it was only to make silly pictures of my friends and I.  But perhaps I was onto something then.  I, instead followed the portrait photography path and that lead down to a sadness and unfulfillment in my life.  I felt broken and very discouraged.  I was following someone else’s dream, not my own.  I abandoned hope and joy.  I thought I had lost my passion.

Then I started seeing photographic art pieces that truly spoke to me.  Impossible pieces that captured the artistic spirit and made a statement beyond a pretty image of a person.  Pieces that told a story, some true, some make-believe.  Now, I thought, my images could have meaning.

So I set out to create a statement, a story, something to capture the imaginations of the viewers who dared to look.  I ventured out one day to a semi-remote location and came across this lovely broken burnt tree.  It spoke to me and I knew right then what I wanted to say.  So the images were created and into photoshop I went to composite it all together.  I am excited about photography once again.


This is a story about healing in brokenness.  It’s about how when everything seems destroyed, gone, broken, abandoned; there is always hope.  Not all is lost.  Things will regrow, the circle of life goes on.  This is about having courage to stand the test of trials, the bleakness and brokenness the world has to offer you, and have faith that it will be alright.  This is a story of rebirth, of growing through the death of one dream, and taking hold of something new.

So stand strong and have courage, my friend.  May your faith see you through.

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