Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaurs have always fascinated people.  What were they like?  How did they live?  What really happened to them?  Perhaps it is the mystery of the eternal unknown that keeps us interested.  We are intrigued by a piece of a bone, and more so of an entire skeleton.  Some study the bones in depth.  Others collect them.  So when we are able to see thousands of bones, encased in a cliff side, just as they were left millennium ago; found and left partially buried for all to be amazed; we drive the long lonely miles to get there.  Out in the middle of almost nowhere, thousands of prehistoric creatures are fossilized on a ridge in Utah, just over the boarder of Colorado in what is known as Dinosaur National Monument.  It is quite a site to behold; one that needs to be done in person.  But, it is not just the fossils that are interesting.  The rock formations are incredible,  and the ancient Fremont people left us petroglyphs along the red sandstone rocks – relics of a time long past.  To visit Dinosaur National Monument is to take a step back into history.

I encourage you to take the time to visit someday.  It is quite worth the trip indeed.  We highly enjoyed it and the kids were amazed that we could walk right up to the petroglyphs.  It is easy to imagine one of the Fremont people sitting on the cliff face, carving out his image on the rock.  They were also curious about the multitudes of partial skeletons on the “wall”.  We wondered about what other treasures might be hidden still beneath what has already been unearthed.  Hiking was hot there, so we only did a short mile from the quarry back to the visitor center.  There were treasures to be seen along the hike as well.  Dinosaur National Monument does not disappoint, and there was so much we were unable to see.


The quarry
The quarry – yes, those are vertebra.


Desert beauty
Desert beauty



I like to think this one says "The aliens have landed here. Stay out"
I like to think this one says “The aliens have landed here. Stay out”


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