My Art Journey

I am beginning anew on my creative journey.  I had begun once long ago in when I was quite young.  I graduated with a BFA in art-photography from Sam Houston State University in Texas and not long after, I lost my way creatively.  I went in search of a way to make money with photography, and quickly lost my passion and all but gave up creatively.  I would sit, lonely, wanting to do something, to say something, but instead I was off investing my time in how to run a successful portrait business, they way everyone else was doing it.  Needless to say, their way was not the way that would work for me.  I ran myself ragged chasing others dreams of reality and success as defined my them.  I was miserable, and I was not making money.  So, I quit.  I stopped looking, search, trying to do things their way.  I focused my energies on being a mom.  But I was still lonely creatively.  I missed the creativity of my younger years like crazy.  So, I am slowly finding my way again, focusing on what I can say to help this dark and lost world see hope beyond themselves.  This blog will be a chronicle of sorts of that journey, of self discovery, and I hope a place of inspiration for others who have lost their way creatively.

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