A Minion Birthday Party



My son turned six and wanted a minion birthday party.  I have never seen either of the movies before!  But he loves them!  He even has a minion backpack and lunch box.  So, I dislike buying just the prepackages party stuff.  I enjoy making my own stuff too.  I found cupcake ideas on pinterest.  These aren’t as cute, but the kids liked them and ate them up!  Lots of icing, and I was so tired of looking at eyeballs by the end of it.

I did com up with an idea after finding those mini note pads in the school supply clearance isle. I ran it by my kids and they thought it was perfect.  So here is the Minion World Domination Plan notebook:

My supplies:

  • Full sized sticker sheets.  These were great because they had the slices in the backing, so once you cut them, they were easy to get the sticker off.
  • Mini Notebooks.  The ones I found came in a pack of four.
  • Color Printer
  • Photo editing software on a computer
Supplies used


I found a free wallpaper for your computer that featured two minions on a white background.  Perfect!   I downloaded that and spaced it out on my template I designed in photoshop.  The template consisted of six rectangles sized to fit on the front of the notebook.  I might have been able to get at least one more by rotating it sideways, but I wanted to keep life simple.  I added the words and copied the layer.  I got six stickers per sheet.


Aren’t they cute?


my assembly partner


I used my paper trimmer to cut them down to size.  I did make mine a little smaller than the note book, so we would have plenty of room to goof up.  No precision necessary.  We peeled off the backing and stuck them on the notebooks.



Finished Product
Finished Product


The kids loved them and most of all my big 6 year old had fun giving them to his friends.



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