A little patriotism for the summer

First,  I must comment that the weather here in Texas is an unheard of pleasant 86° here this day of July 5.  Normally we would be roasting at near 100°+.  Ahhh.   God had been good to us this summer. ♥

As this is the fourth of July weekend and people are decked out in their red,  white and blue; fireworks light up the evening skies and families gather around the bbq, I sit and think how wonderful we have it here, how much our founding fathers went through so that we may live in prosperity, the sacrifice of our solders to guarantee that we can continue to prosper and have that opportunity. We try to teach our children that we have been given so much.

I feel honored to be living in the United States and am glad for the opportunities I have here. I thank our service men and women for their service to our country.

I hope you have enjoyed your time this weekend, be it with friends or family or in solitude. I know I did.

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